2012 Behind gods back

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BEHIND GOD’s BACK – performances from the woods 26 October – 18 November 2012 MUU gallery

jumalan_selan_takanaThe exhibition Behind God’s Back consists of photography and videos of performance art. The works are recorded on camera without any actual presence of an audience. In the their artworks the artists interpret their relationship to the Finnish forest and its effect on our identity.

The nature shows itself from very different perspectives in the contents and imagery of the videos and photography. The works are linked together by the sense of familiarity, a recognizable mechanism in whose operation the course of time and the unceasing effect of something built-in is present.

As an opening performance performance artist Heikki Mäntymaa is being inspired by the artworks of the exhibition.

Maria Duncker
Katri Kainulainen
Essi Kausalainen
Arttu Kurttila
Heikki Mäntymaa
Antti Ahonen
Ville Lahti

kausalainenThe project is produced by Johanna Fredriksson and it has been sponsored by Alfred Kordelin Foundation,
Arts Council of Finland,
Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
and Oskar Öflund Foundation.