Custodians of being

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Custodians of being is a group of people exploring the possibilities of thinking as an alternavive for art. We have done performances, exhibitions and taught our our methods in both art-schools and open study groups.

People who have been involved in groups activities:

Lauri Luhta
Antti Ahonen
Aku Salminen
Jussi Kenkkilä
Hendri Kurko
Irma Optimisti
Roosa Voima


Wasteland fest, Kouvola 22.7.2012

Catalyst arts gallery, Belfast 9.2.2007

Taidehalli Helsinki 18.1.2008

Perfo IV, Tampere 2.10.2007  Photos

Laitama, Nokia park, Helsinki 10.8.2007

Pori Art museum 19.5.2007

Gallery 3h+k, Pori 18.5.2007

Studio La-Bas Cable factory Helsinki 2.3.2007

Studio La-Bas Cable factory Helsinki. 4.2.2006

La-bas Kokkola, Nordic art-school 29.10.2005

Studio La-Bas Cable factory Helsinki. 4.2.2005


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Text by Pirkko Holmberg for Mustekala (Finnish)